I am a consultant, advisor, and venture architect specializing in technology strategy, investment, and implementation. I help companies solve technically complex and strategic problems across multiple industries and domains. A good friend portrays me as having “the mind of an engineer and the soul of an artist.” This intriguing description makes sense, given my interests in people, startups, tech investing, movies, and TV shows. Those who have worked intimately with me describe me as a relationship builder who just happens to solve strategic and technology problems. What they mean is that, complementing his deep and broad IT experiences, what truly distinguishes me as a professional is my innate ability to establish and maintain deep connections with people of diverse backgrounds.

In 2018, I began advising and dipping my toe into angel investing, helping startups and IT consultancies to craft a compelling narrative for their products and services to land Fortune 500 clients. Using my background as a venture architect, I identify opportunities for new products, investments, and acquisitions in the cloud, digital marketing, big data, and analytics. And as a thought leader, I also provide marketing, sales, and product executives with strategy recommendations and effective solutions to core technology problems.

With a background rooted in computer science and management consulting, I started his career programming Java, C#, and Perl by day, while hacking PHP and Python apps at night. My drive to solve problems for clients and attain personal growth for myself are what keeps me at the forefront of innovation and helps me guide technology teams and organizations to cultivate amazing products and services.
Early in my career, I developed a diverse set of tools, including the Federal Reserve’s Data Download app; a voice-activated text search for recruiters; a cloud-¬based collaboration app for music producers; a recipe-¬based grocery recommendation service (Zengredients); and a head-to-head social fantasy gaming app (Likely). I soon realized that a common thread began to emerge throughout all of these projects: a passion for solving business problems using new technologies that I had learned and mastered.

Recognizing this passion, Booz Allen Hamilton recruited me to work on strategic tech investments. I soon rose through the ranks and built a reputation across the firm as a “technology agnostic” problem solver with a passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems. In this role, I led new product development and integration for the award-¬winning “Hello” employee networking and collaboration app. Acting as a thought leader in the Enterprise Collaboration practice, I also wrote white papers on topics such as “Meeting the Challenges of a Modern CIO” and “People, Process, Technology Strategy for Enterprise Collaboration.” My ideas and recommendations have been adopted by Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Defense, and Homeland Security agencies in the public sector, as well as Energy firms in the private sector.
Previously while consulting for Toyota, I managed strategic initiatives in digital marketing, retail, and finance. I proposed and led the first disaster recovery implementation for Toyota’s Dealer Information System on AWS, realizing 99.999% uptime and minimizing interruption to business-¬critical consumer lead generation. I also managed a portfolio of digital projects worth more than $35 million for the Lexus brand and led the successful launch of new digital luxury retail tools as part of the Lexus Future Retail Initiative.

In my spare time, I continue to cultivate my professional development. I sit on the board of directors as an advisor for Decix Group, an engineering and logistics research firm, and, a predictive analytics solution for software development teams. In the Los Angeles area, his current focus is on cloud ops, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies.



I've helped founders and enterprises get a handle on their critical projects, develop a strategy, and focus on the priority tasks to get things done. If you would like help or advice on launching your tech project or startup idea, feel free to contact me here or on Twitter.